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The time and the sea

For a good sailor, navigation means knowing which course to follow.nbsp;It is not enough to know the wind and the coordinates of the voyage: time too is a crucial factor in determining a boat’s position at sea. “The sea never changes and its works, for all the talk of men, are wrapped in mystery”, wrote Joseph Conrad. It is this mystery that since antiquity has made the sea so loved and feared, so respected and so often challenged .

The sea, with its perpetual motion, so similar and yet so different, is an element that has always stretches man to his limits, exploring his possibilities, while the passage of time marks this infinite discovery of oneself and of the world.

The restoration of Eilean is an act of love for the sea with which Officine Panerai has an unbreakable bond: indeed, since the beginning of the 20th century the Florentine company has supplied precision instruments to the Royal Italian Navy, which later became the Italian Navy. Panerai has been promoting the culture of the sea for years through its sponsorship of the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge, the most important international regatta circuit for vintage and classic yachts.

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