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Masts And Rig

The sail rig is that of a Bermudian ketch and the masts were reconstructed from spruce, a wood valued for its lightness and flexible strength.

The mainmast is 28.5 metres tall and weighs 800 kg while the mizzenmast is 18.3 metres tall and weighs 300 kg. The mainmast boom is 9 metres long and the mizzenmast boom is 6 metres long, both being made of solid wood.

The same galvanised iron hardware of the 1930s has been refitted to the masts and even the ivory Dacron sails are very similar in appearance to the original cotton sails.

The total sail area of the mainsail, gaff sail, jib, staysail, yankee foresail and moonsail amounts to 301 square meters.

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