Eilean wishes you good holidays!

July 29, 2013

Eilean with fellow classics next to the World Swimming Championship

Since the end of ‘Puig Vela Classica Barcelona’ we have carried out a number of day-sails with clients, guests and, most rewarding of all, children. The children were invited from the highly respected pediatric hospital ‘Sant Joan de Déu’, a majority of who are recovering from cancer. All are wonderful, full of energy with big open eyes as they step aboard and get to be a ‘Captain for a Day’. I hardly touch the helm keen to get them to turn their focus towards the boat and the sea, even to them manoeuvring Eilean back onto the dock. The children help with hoisting sails, grinding winches and tacking the sails. We also get them tying knots that I like to think they can continue practising once they return home. Its not all sailing. The water pistols come out along with the water bombs and before long everybody on board is soaked to the bone! Its a fun day out and when you lead the life we live and then get to share with those fighting for survival there is nothing more grounding, worthwhile and inspirational than providing a day out on the boat on the sea. One of the girls told me, as she took a short break from looking out over the water, “Before I had cancer I’d never seen the sea, and now when I’m around it, it fills me with hope”.

Until the middle of August we remain in Barcelona getting Eilean ready for the rest of the season and in particular the Panerai regatta in Mahon, Menorca. Its all about varnishing! We are here with a number of other classic yachts all doing the same including Mariquita, Mariette and Moonbeam of Fife. The sandpaper, blue tape and brushes are out, and the music’s playing as we all fight to sand the brightwork under the awning in this mid-summer heat. We also provide the backdrop to the World Swimming Championships, in particular the Open Water Swimming and over the next few days the High Diving events where competitors dive, twist and curve from a towering 27 metres, only 1 metre shorter than the top of out main mast!

Varnish work on the foredeck

Varnishing the helm

We’ll be back soon with Mahon regatta imminent and a race to win! Enjoy your holidays.