The sailing season is about to begin

As is often the case for Eilean at this time of year we are engaged in a whole lot of maintenance. We have taken 50+ blocks off the boat, have taken each one of them apart and given the inside workings a careful inspection. The ash wood cheeks are all sanded and given a number of coats of varnish before re-assembly. At the same time we have taken some of the interior locker doors off and are giving them touch-ups where necessary.

On board we have attacked the capping rail – the curved teak rail that surrounds the boat and is the final barrier before falling overboard! We have stripped all of the varnish off and taken it back to bare wood. We are now on coat number seven, with seven more to go, which will result in a quality protection for the season ahead, over a uniform shade of shiny teak.

More to come….