Many miles away

Our event in Sciacca, south Sicily, has come to an end and we are heading directly for Palma de Mallorca 506 nautical miles away. The first couple of days we are expecting light winds and then once we are west of Sardinia we could have 25-30 knots behind us. Hoping to have an epic sail.

Sunsets and sunrises

Last night (16th July) we left the port of Viareggio at sunset to start our journey south to Sicily. We sail with 4 crew: Captain (me!), First Mate/Engineer (Stefano Valente), Chef (Stefano D’Oria) and stewardess (Roberta Pietrasanta). Covers are on, the ship is stowed and we are ready for our 450 NM voyage.

This morning we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise off the Italian coastline as we pass the island of Cèrboli off Elba.

Posts and thanks!

Since a wonderful week at the last PCYC event that was Argentario Sailing Week we have been in Viareggio and are back into the maintenance mission. The combination of salt and sun makes a beautiful coat of varnish all glazed after only a month of usage. As soon as an event is over the protective covers go straight back on to the 80 year old hatches and we target the worst spots. A never ending story!!