Argentario sailing week… How wonderful!

Another fantastic Panerai event, Argentario Sailing Week 2014 had a wonderful fleet of 52 classics that have been racing competitively over the last 3 days. The conditions provided lots of holes in the breeze which meant the racing became very tactical, with a certain amount of luck involved!

On Eilean we were not racing but catering for many Panerai VIP’s and enjoyed reaching up and down the race course with a certain amount of spectating involved. My main mission has been making sure we are not stealing anybodies wind!

We now head to the next Panerai event in Naples where we will be racing our first regatta of the season.

Preparations begin now!

Heading to Antibes

It seems however prepared you think you are the closing weeks of departure always seem to be a run around. On Friday 30th May we finally escaped the Port of Viareggio and headed west for Antibes. We have the same 3 ‘musketeers’ as the previous 4 years: Stefano (1st Mate/Engineer), Stefano or Chefano (the Chef) and me, and this year we are joined by Roberta Pietrasanta from the northwest of Sardinia. Before nightfall we encountered a stowaway on board (see picture) who, once we were alongside and had turned down our ‘Segreti di Bosco’ (Italian biscuits), flew off without a Thank You!
On wednesday 4th June we have our first guests on board. A group of children from between 14 and 19 from the local hospital who we will take for a sail for a couple of hours for them to experience Eilean and her ways.
We look forward to seeing you all in Antibes!