Notes on board!

Maintenance continues on good ship Eilean and we are currently focusing on the bilge area (sentina) treating the frames where there are spots of rust appearing and generally giving her an aesthetic make-over. This is the part of the boat you never see when you walk on board. It is under the sole boards and under the waterline and its important to make sure everything is shipshape! The white paint being applied is giving her an internal shine!

With all the tanks removed it also gives us a chance to have them inspected and cleaned. We have decided to replace some of the steel tanks – the black and grey and the water tanks. This will leave just the Diesel tanks in steel. The new tanks are to be made of plastic (polypropylene) and we have been able to buy off-the-shelf tanks for the black and grey. For the water tank we have made a model in plywood and have test-fitted this in position and marked all of the exit points accordingly. Now it has gone off to the manufacturer to be custom built.

The main advantage for these tanks is that they are lighter, which makes life substantially easier when we have to dismount them again in the future, and at the same time lightens the boat.

More photos to come in the next weeks!