Preparing for Les Voiles d’Antibes

Mizzen boom

We managed to escape Viareggio with only a slight swell outside and we have motored all the way to Antibes. In the latter part of the crossing the sea was oily-flat and we maintained a speed of 7 knots with the two Yanmar 110’s trundling along at 1800 rpm.

Sunrise gave an opportunity to take a few shots on board that include some of the new installations in place. We have new wire winches for the Main and Mizzen halyards that replace the worn and dangerous Merriman ones, and a little more organized in the busy cockpit with a bag to collect the Main and Mizzen sheets. For the main part though we have been polishing in preparation for Les Voiles D’Antibes.

The next 10 days involve the following:

Thursday 23rd – Final Eilean maintenance that includes polishing, varnishing, rope-work and some work aloft.
Friday 24th – Rig Check, Clean hull and more polishing!
Saturday 25th – Sail trial to check the rig and the jumper strut arrangement and the new sails.
Sunday 26th – Sail trial with North Sails representative on board.
Monday 27th – Further sail trials. Race crew arrival.
Tuesday 28th – Crew training for the regatta.
Wednesday 29th – A trip out with guests on board.
Thursday 30th – Sunday 2nd June – Les Voiles D’Antibes.

Deck photo

Main Boom

New Main Halyard Wire Winch

Polishing the bell

From Viareggio to Antibes

We are in the final stages of our preparations for departure from Viareggio to Antibes and hope to leave tonight after the waves settle down. The port of Viareggio has a sand bar outside which means entering and leaving can only be done during the calmest conditions for fear of touching the bottom. The breaking waves from yesterday continue to lessen and so we are hopeful for departure this evening. We have a small weather window as the Mistral is expected to kick in on Thursday and therefore our 140 Nautical Mile trip across the Ligurian Sea should be easily completed by sunset tomorrow evening. We have four crew on board, myself, Stefano Valente, Stefano D’Oria (just returned from the Caribbean) and Gaja Zanobini (our new stewardess).

From Viareggio to Antibes