Restoring Eilean

Last November Eilean was lifted out of the water and returned to the shipyard she was restored in, Cantiere Francesco Del Carlo in Viareggio. With Winter descending on us it was seen as the best way to get the maximum done throughout the winter and iron out all those teething problems that are inevitable with the launch of a newly restored yacht. Chuck came from Palma and lifted the rigs which we stripped of all standing and running rigging in the comfort of another Del Carlo shed. Then we were ready for the serious work to begin!

Firstly we completely unloaded the boat which took on and off a month to do. It is amazing how much you accumulate over a few years and a relief to finally sort out once and for all where everything is(in the container!). We then started on the 150 point job list that include the following:

Repairing and varnishing all spars(2 masts, 2 booms and 1 bowsprit) Taking apart the workings of every one of the 75 blocks we have on board, cleaning them, replacing worn parts and revarnishing the ash.
Cleaning and re-painting every bilge and frame in the boat.
Dis-mounting and servicing all pumps on board.
Re designing the exhaust system.
Re-designing the engine room to make servicing more practical.
Stripping 3 of the deck hatches and re-varnishing with 14 coats.
Checking and replacing damaged running rigging.
Designing and making a jumper strut for the main mast.
Inventory all interior items including crew uniform, guest and crew linen, guest and crew crockery and cutlery.
Leather work for blocks and winch handle pockets Creating ventilation for electric and electronic parts.
Change out old halyard winches.

The work continues and ‘Les Voiles d’Antibes’ at the end of May remains our first event of the year.