Crossing on a ship

Unfortunately, due to shipping delays, Eilean has been unable to make it for the Diamond Jubilee in London on the 3rd June. However, we finally boarded the yacht transport ship on Monday 28th May in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands. In preparation Eilean had all sails and lines stowed below deck, leaving only a man-halyard on each mast ready for re-rigging on arrival in Southampton. We also used cap-wrap to cover the varnish, a temporary tape that protects the varnish from the elements, and even took off our varnished 1936 helm and put our stainless steel ‘emergency’ one on.

Eilean ready to go

Eilean being hoisted

Using two strops attached to two cross-beams the ship’s crane professionally lifted us clear of the water and up onto the deck.

Eilean strapped down into position

Time is then taken to set up the cradle, so that there can be no movement at sea, which includes bracing the keel and welding the cradle to the ship’s deck. Eilean is secured by a number of webbing lengths also fastened to the deck.

Eilean’s cradle welded to the ship’s deck

The progress of the Sampogracht(and Eilean) can be followed at:

and put in the vessel’s name, Sampogracht. If the AIS feed is out of range then there will be no tracking information available and you will have to try again later.