• new-tanks-hp

    New tanks!

    24 March 2014

    New tanks The new tanks have been made and are ready to be fitted. Meanwhile we are on a varnish mission, both interior and exterior. Doors, companionway steps, spars, etc. The sun is shining and the coats are multiplying. New tanks New tanks      ...
  • Painting the bilges

    Notes on board!

    14 February 2014

    Maintenance continues on good ship Eilean and we are currently focusing on the bilge area (sentina) treating the frames where there are spots of rust appearing and generally giving her an aesthetic make-over. This is the part of the boat you never see when you walk on board. It is under the sole boards and under the waterline and its important to make sure everything is shipshape!...
  • 1-good-shape-home

    Putting ship Eilean in a “good shape”

    4 December 2013

    Putting ship Eilean in a “good shape” In the last week we have been protecting Eilean from the elements with working covers and 'cap-wrap'(the protective white plastic on the exposed varnish). When the sun comes out we strip the covers off, let Eilean breathe and bathe in the sun and where possible slap a coat of varnish on! Putting ship Eilean in a “good shape”
  • back-viareggio-home

    Back in Viareggio

    21 November 2013

    back in viareggio We are back in Viareggio with the wind and the rain!! Eilean was lifted out of the water on the 30th October so that we can carry out the work required for our 5 year survey under RINA. Amongst other things this involves lifting the fuel and water tanks out of the bilges so that a full inspection can be made of the hull, both inside and out. We also have to check every through hull fitting,...
  • eilean-very-special-guest-home

    Very special guests sailing on Eilean!

    20 September 2013

    Very special guests sailing on Eilean

    Today we had two groups of young guests come down from Milan, all recovering from illness, and we took them out to helm Eilean and get involved on board. Unfortunately we cannot control the weather and with a big rolling swell and very little wind it was a challenge to make this trip enjoyable. After a few of our guests were feeling seasick we decided to arm them with water...
  • eilean-mahon-home

    Another great Regatta

    5 September 2013

    Eilean in Mahon We have just arrived in Sanremo on the Italian riviera after a 2 day voyage from Mahon where we participated in the penultimate Panerai regatta of the Mediterranean season. The regatta, one of my favourite on the calendar, was another great success. Sailing into the incredible natural deepwater harbour, always completes the day in splendour whatever position you accomplished during the race. With a breezy week forecast, on both thursday and friday races we set out with shortened...
  • eilean-menorca-home

    Waiting for a new regatta to begin…

    26 August 2013

    Waiting for a new regatta to begin... We are in Mahon and ready for the tenth edition of the Panerai Copa del Rey. The rain is pouring down at the moment but should subside by mid-week and make way for a constant 10-20 knot breeze for each of the racing days. Over the next few days we go out for some race training with the first race planned for Thursday....
  • Eilean-with-fellow-home

    Eilean wishes you good holidays!

    29 July 2013

    Eilean with fellow classics next to the World Swimming Championship Since the end of 'Puig Vela Classica Barcelona' we have carried out a number of day-sails with clients, guests and, most rewarding of all, children. The children were invited from the highly respected pediatric hospital 'Sant Joan de Déu', a majority of who are recovering from cancer. All are wonderful, full of energy with big open eyes as they step aboard and get to be a...
  • sailing-to-barcelona-home

    Sailing to Barcelona

    16 July 2013

    Eilean in Barcelona Needless to say we made it to Barcelona. We caught a 10, maybe 12 kilo tuna that went straight into the freezer and has fed some of the regatta crew during the Puig Barcelona regatta. After the previous delivery report we motor-sailed a majority of the remaining miles and managed to arrive in Barcelona at 19.00 on Tuesday 9th July. Eilean in Barcelona We are now in the...
  • sicilian-mood-home

    In a Sicilian mood

    9 July 2013

    In a Sicilian mood We left Sciacca, on the south coast of Sicily, at 06.00 on Saturday 6th July, the night after the Panerai World Meeting came to a close at a nearby resort. The three journalists arrived on Friday afternoon, one writing for Le Figaro and the others for the Spanish daily 'El Pais'. As two of them have never been on a boat before I think leaving during daylight hours was the way to start the 600 mile voyage. We...